CMI Tool Seruga aka Serubwa Published Xenophobic UPDF Swoop Of Rwandans And Ugandans Of Rwandan Origins

Titus Seruga, the CMI Facebook tool based in Belgium has posted another cooked-up and hopeless story against innocent Rwandans who were arrested yesterday in Kisoro. This time he claims that Rwandans are fleeing to Uganda following a heavy Ugandan army (UPDF) deployment along the Rwanda-Uganda border. The narrative of Rwandan refugees running to UPDF not only is fake and illogical it is also contradictory and harmful propaganda, where has he ever heard of refugees running towards a mobilizing army. As usual with Seruga, aka Serubwa, his story is masking a dark Ugandan regime program.

In the hopeless and infantile propaganda, Seruga has again brought to evidence the “Rwandaphobic” policy by Uganda government. Yesterday’s event shed more lights to the ongoing mass police swoop in Kisoro, Kabale and other border cities where Rwandans or their sympathizers are regularly targeted, abducted and end up in CMI dungeons and or ungazetted places for torture and other mistreatment. Unfortunately, sources say there are non-Rwandans who found themselves in the middle of such xenophobic attacks. To extend his cruel policy to anyone who even looks Rwandan indicates that the 34-year-old regime is actually willing to harm its citizens in pursuit of their hostile Anti-Rwanda policy.

CMI tool Seruga is in effect sharing pictures of victims of a xenophobic UPDF swoop and portrays them as refugees. Targeting Rwandans is not a new phenomenon in corrupt Museveni’s regime; his Chieftaincy for Military Intelligence already has hundreds of Rwandans in secret detention facilities. The innocent Rwandans are subjected to torture and gross human rights abuse, some even lost their lives as a result of the animal-like treatment they receive in Uganda.

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