CMI Tool Titus Seruga Backfires And Reminds Everyone About Museveni’s Crimes

The Ugandan Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) Facebook tool, Titus Seruga aka Serubwa, is working overtime to earn CMI money. Based in Belgium, he failed his political asylum claim and resorted to searching for a fake husband to secure his residency in Europe, that too didn’t work out for him. He then opted to smear on Rwanda to get CMI money as supplement to the social security cheques he gets from well wishers.

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CMI money doesn’t come easy; to earn it, Serubwa has to constantly smear Rwanda by blaming it for all that is wrong in Uganda. He basically has to create a scapegoat for the numerous crimes committed by the Ugandan regime ruler, Yoweri Museveni. The workload must be unbearable, with 34 years of criminal acts, it is not easy to pin Museveni’s crime on anyone else.

Serubwa, in one more fruitless attempt to tarnish Rwanda and its leaders, tries to blame Rwanda for those Museveni killed mainly for opposing his nepotistic kleptocracy. He mentions a few iconic figures assassinated by Museveni forgetful that some of his victims actually foretold Museveni’s heinous reflex to kill them.

Museveni’s victims call it the “mafia”, a befitting title for the small clique that orders political or business assassinations in Uganda. The Mafia—the family— is what has ruled Uganda for 34 years with Museveni as President, the wife as Minister, the son as An Army General and future President, the in-laws as Ministers, the daughters as Advisors, the brother as General etc…

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Titus Seruga knows this and he is paid to cover the murders of those who opposed it. He labors hard to blame Rwanda by creating a fiction that the leader of Rwanda is like the ruler of Uganda. Unfortunately for him and his CMI sponsors, Ugandans are not falling for his lies. Not a month goes by without a violent protest crushed with live bullets, tear-gasses, pepper spraying not only on Museveni’s political opponents but also on poor university students. Seruga’s sponsors even unleashed the army on a student protest over school fees; students were beaten, raped and killed, all in an effort to force their stay in power.

Seruga, however, prefers to push for more hate speech targeting Rwanda but it always backfires as the truth eventually comes out. On the late Gen Aronda murder, for example, the widow accused her husband killers at the funeral citing that the official “heart attack” version was a pure fabrication. Museveni was present at the funeral and he could barely hide his discomfort.

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One the Aronda murder, Museveni kept changing the official version, changing from “Aronda was in a car” to “Aronda was in a plane”, typical diversions in Museveni’s murders. Importantly, no single Rwandan has ever been charged — even in abstentia— of the murders Seruga tries to pin of Rwanda. In fact, the Museveni regime actually swept away any investigation into the matter to hide their guilt.

The fact is, Seruga’s scapegoating techniques have once again hit a dead end. Even Ugandan comments on his post prove this as he is regularly abused for working for the oppressive Kampala regime. No amount of spin and distortion will cover Museveni and his CMI 34 year long criminal enterprise, Seruga will always pay a high price to defend the indefensible.

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