Genocide Denier Charles Kambanda can’t differentiate espionage and intelligence gathering

Charles Kambanda, a vicious and convicted genocide denier, is once again hiding behind fancy titles to spew his hate and abuse. Confusing espionage and intelligence, and strangely works out foreign intelligence gathering is illegal in international law. He attacks the President of Rwanda for stating the obvious; Rwanda carries out intelligence.

Kambanda is an agent of Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) recruited by its head, Brig Gen Abel Kandiho tasked to tarnish Rwanda’s image on the globe arena. As all RNC failing propagandists, CMI runs Kambanda to attack the Rwandan leadership.

Unable to distinguish between intelligence and espionage, the genocide revisionist quotes the wrong text in international relations and concludes that intelligence gathering is illegal. By his reasoning, all states are guilty of international law violations.

The intellectually dishonest and sex-for-grade Professor is probably the only person on this globe living in a bubble fantasy where states do not gather Intelligence. In fact, all states have institutions in charge of what Kambanda calls a crime in international law. Motivated by a deep-rooted desire to tarnish Rwanda and its leader, he overlooks that even Uganda has an External Security Organization tasked with gathering external Intelligence.

The 1961 Geneva Convention on diplomatic relations out of context, it talks about immunities and privileges and does not talk about espionage. The revisionist misleads by quoting an irrelevant text and by confusing intelligence, which is gathering information and espionage, an illegal covert operation. In the real world, most embassies will actually have a designated official for intelligence gathering and sharing. Kambanda should go back to school and learn some basic definitions; it might save him from the embarrassment of writing non-sense publicly.

To avoid any manipulations from the genocide denier, below is a video clip of what President Kagame said. Rwanda does carry out intelligence and Rwanda is good at it.

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