Weed Smoking David Himbara Repetitive Lies

The RNC’s Weed Smoking propagandist, David Himbara, a disgraced academic that has now been reduced to writing sponsored RNC smear attacks, just published a long useless piece on the Bugesera Airport projects.

Masquerading as an intellectual, he routinely attacks any mega project in Rwanda. He focus on all ongoing and complete project and terms writes slanderous articles. All his pseudo analysis have the same methodology. He takes twists a source or creates one in line with his RNC terrorist agenda.

In his recent post, he quotes the US government but hyperlinks a non US government website, he takes a paragraph out of context from a newspaper article; none of his citations actually say what he claims they say. He attacks the airport project saying in is not viable but then lists investors – omitting to mention some stake holders like the AFDB (African Development Bank).

Himbara is truly megalomaniac to think that from his hideout, he knows better than investment firms, business experts, who objectively review their portfolios before investing. The Ugandan regime sponsored mouthpiece grossly over estimates the value of his blogs. No one will take investment advice from the RNC terrorist group’s propagandist!

Rwanda has one of the highest credit rating in Africa (B+ by Standard and Poor’s), it is also ranked second in doing business on the continent, it is rank amongst the most efficient and transparent governance worldwide. These are facts that investors look at in choosing Rwanda. His sponsored blog attacks are not going to change facts.

With over 450 smear attacks from his blogs yielding no results, someone ought to give him the Einstein definition of madness, “Doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting a different result.”

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