David Himbara, The Weed-Smoking Propagandist, Preying On Asylum Seekers

David Himbara, the RNC weed smoking propagandist, is attempting to relay a documentary on Radio Canada Info that featured Judi Rever, a fellow Anti-Rwanda mouthpiece and notorious negationist of the Genocide against Tutsi. Inspired by their recent machinations in manipulating asylum seekers in Europe and in Australia, Judi Rever gives her Canadian version of the propaganda narrative.

The Anti-Rwandan propagandists have played this tune before. They identify Rwandans whose stay is in jeopardy and offer them lies to hurl in a asylum claim promising to help with their claim. In the Canadian case, it is interesting to note that the fake witness is brought forward only after her study permit was coming to a close.

In most societies, an asylum claim is done upon arrival. The sudden change of heart of a fake spy does not hold waters. How do they want anyone to believe such a wild story?

In the documentary, the claim is that the fake spy mission was to identify the whereabouts of someone’s parents. In a digital age where everyone shares pictures and location, a simple google search would suffice. Sending a trained spy for a simple “locate the parents” mission is fished out of a fantasy cooked up by propagandists.

The weed smoking propagandist and his entire network of anti-Rwanda forces should know their trickery has been unmasked. They should own their shameless lies, preying on the global migration trends will not sanitize their anti-Rwanda narrative.

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