David Himbara; The Weed Smoking Propagandist That Finds Himself On The Wrong Side Of History!

The weed-smoking propagandist David Himbara’s dream is made of his fantasy where he succeeds in dividing Rwanda. The Professor of hate routinely attempts to sow divisions with slander targeting Rwanda’s leadership but his recent post focuses on one Tito Rutaremara.

His issue with the senior RPF member is easy to summarize. He hates Rutaremera is that unlike him, Rutaremera stayed loyal to the country. The Professor of hate, cursed by his betrayal, has for almost ten long years observed Rwanda and Rwandans progress. Its elders are proud and its youth full of energy to keep the pace set.

He says the former Senator “created” the current President of Rwanda. Himbara should know that the President of Rwanda is an elected person, not a “created” one as in RNC. With his mindset of created personalities in RNC, the who is who logic, Himbara cannot comprehend that Rwanda and the ruling party RPF are not based on individuals. Normal systems have higher callings and aspiration.

The weed-smoking propagandist has never grasped the idea of teamwork, his ragtag RNC fellows are no better. Desperate for titles and recognitions, almost all of them carry two to three line long titles. Inspired by their sponsors’ model, RNC is infested with a spirit of entitlement. Rwanda, and most other states, one serves a higher cause. Transfer, retirements, new assignments are normal. Himbara made the choice to join the RNC club of greedy individuals who want to exploit the country for their personal gains.

Haunted by his choices in life, it is safe to say that Himbara wrecked it all! Disgracefully, he finds himself peddling rumors and lies with the intention to divide. The root cause of Himbara’s downfall was, and still is, his megalomaniac traits. The sense of absolute entitlement, his arrogance, and his misplaced ego are still visible in his writings.

He made the wrong choice and he should live with it, his elaborate calculations ten years ago that RNC would have a quick victory were wrong. The propagandist finds himself one the wrong side of history, disgraced and in bed with terrorists and genocidal forces. He made his bed, he should lay in it.

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