RNC Propagandist Play The “Self-Validation” Card With Financial Times

Weed Smoker David Himbara and Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabirigi

Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabirigi and his RNC terrorist colleagues like the weed smoking David Himbara have just played their usual trick of self-validating lies. To validate their lies and propaganda, they create it, pass it on to a third party for sanitization, and then cite their lies as biblical truth. Once again, they can trust Financial Times (FT)—with an ideological agenda to fight the Rwandan leadership at all costs— to assist in their cheap tricks.

Not so long ago, Himbara pulled the same stunt with World Bank figures. He twisted them and sanitized it through FT and started quoting FT that quoted him. Himbara and Wakabirigi are now playing the same tune with FT. World Bank debunked their scheme publicly in a press release.

Wakabirigi, a petty con artist that left his family for RNC where he hoped he had joined a get rich quick scheme, is almost unknown to 99% of Rwandans and even Ugandans. He is neither a public figure in Rwanda nor Uganda. For the few that know him, Wakabirigi is simply an immoral fellow and an extremely selfish one. As he spends his time writing insults on Rwanda, Rwanda pays for his wife and four children’s school fees and medical needs through its social security scheme. Even prior to his self-imposed exile, those who know Wakabirigi have unbelievable stories how he used to neglect his family preferring to party in hotels.

When a dubious character like Sulah Nuwamanya or Himbara is cited as a source by the Financial Times, one can only read malice in the affair. Barely 24 hours after the story, there are massive holes in their back-to-back validation trickery. The timing of their scheme is rather conspicuous with Sulah Nuwamanya claiming he received a warning that he was hacked yesterday and Financial Times publishing today and of course WhatsApp suing today.

The timing is just one aspect of the incoherent self-validation narrative, every single anti-Rwanda terrorist will soon be screaming, “me too… I have been hacked”. One wonders how many will now jump on the propaganda wagon?

With Himbara and Wakabirigi’s case, they already pour their entire lives online and publicly voices their support for violence. Why would anyone waste their time hacking someone that willingly puts his life online? All one needs to do is read what they post!

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