Weed Smoking David Himbara Hit With More Progress In Rwanda

RNC weed smoking David Himbara propagandist is now targeting VW Rwanda’s electric car program. With specific instructions and money from the Ugandan Ruler, he constantly writes slander on Rwanda. The propagandist will literally criticize anything in Rwanda. The pseudo Professor in Development has became a full time Professor of Hate, specialized in hate speech.

For a few pennies, Himbara sold his services to the Ugandan regime. This year alone, he produced over 400 hateful propaganda articles to satisfy his sponsors and his terrorist organization, the RNC. He has such dedication to hate writing that one wonders how he would explain his attack on electric cars in a development conference! But truth be told, is that he now prefers grenade throwers and genocidal maniacs conferences.

Himbara is also confused as to what to say about Electric cars in Rwanda for his attack piece. He began his smear saying electric cars are ineffective, then claimed importation is somehow unacceptable. Only a paid propagandist would find something abnormal in importing electric cars.

Rwanda’s giant strides in technology, environment, its industries and even its reputation for security and stability are constantly targeted by hostile anti-Rwandan forces. It is almost as if these envious groups expect Rwanda to slowdown for them to catch up; that is obviously not happening.

Eventually, the hateful propaganda machine will run out of arguments. Hiring a unprofessional weed smoking propagandist who cannot even properly cite a source will only cause more embarrassments to those who sponsor these campaigns.

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