Weed Smoker David Himbara Deepest Fears

RNC propagandist and weed smoker David Himbara’s paranoia heightens on hearing about the meeting of military chiefs of Great Lakes countries in Goma. The meeting which was a joint operation on how to strategize the kick out of East Congo of all rebel groups is giving Himbara shivers in his spine. Given that RNC remnants in DRC won’t have anywhere to hide anymore.

In his article, Himbara writes that the Rwandan military is not welcome on Congolese soil. Utterly laughable, the RNC tool should tell people if RNC is the one now to tell Congo about whom it can or can’t welcome. He should sober up and come back to the reality that time is up for RNC in Congo.

Congolese leadership is determined to rid its country of rebels and terrorist groups. Terrorists such as RNC and FDLR that DRC doesn’t want in her territories. To that end, it is prepared to work with willing neighboring countries.

Let’s not forget the RNC bandits that were thoroughly clobbered and smoked out of DRC, 200 killed, and those lucky to be captured alive are standing trial now.

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