David Himbara, RNC Weed Smoking Propagandist, Salvaging His Lies.

The ridiculous RNC Weed smoking propagandist David Himbara joins the list of hypocrites caught pants down on yet another smear they initiated. For a while, Himbara and his anti-Rwanda network lied that the Minister of Foreign Affairs died of poisoning. They named the poison, the poisoner and even cooked up a motive for his poisoning.

When they woke up to a picture of the Minister, they suddenly changed their tunes. Himbara now shamelessly claims the Minister had a stroke and is in recovery. The hypocrite and Professor of hate realized he was dancing on an empty grave, so he turned himself into a medical doctor, specialized in strokes.

The only thing he hopes to achieve with his U-turn is to have readers forget that he was amongst the first RNC mouthpieces to push the poison lie. It is typical of the RNC and their Chief propagandist; that how they operate. They will claim someone was killed or missing and when the person surfaces, they will still try to exploit it with wild speculation.

RNC and their P5 associates are violent terrorists that target innocents civilians with their militias. They are sponsored, trained and supported by Museveni’s regime. In Uganda, hundreds of Rwandans that refuse to join their cause are illegally arrested and tortured. The few lucky enough to be dumped at a border bring heartbreaking stories about the horrors they suffered in Ugandan Military Intelligence dungeons. RNC members take part directly in their ordeal, most victims testify to RNC members torturing them.

They even kill within their ranks; Ben Rutabana, an RNC commissioner who attempted to oppose the RNC defacto leader Kayumba Nyamwasa, simply disappeared. Rutabana’s family revealed that the disappearance took place in Kampala. They accuse Kayumba and his brother-in-law Frank Ntwali, both known to use Ugandan Military Intelligence as their private militia, to have orchestrated the disappearance.

The senior RNC member, David Himbara, who fabricated and celebrated the fake news on Minister’s poisoning is not different from his torturers based in Uganda. The Professor of hate is trying to salvage his lies for more hateful propaganda.

They only know how to write slanders such as the one about Sezibera, yet they are the ones engaged in atrocities and murder!

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