Weed smoking Himbara Distorts World Bank Doing Business Report

Weed smoking David Himbara tries to twist the 2019 World Bank’s Doing Business Report to mislead his readers. Envious of Rwanda’s economic development, he writes that the World Bank Changed Their Tune On Rwanda. The fact that the World Bank proclaimed Rwanda to have one of the world’s best environments for doing business drives Himbara crazy that he believes this is cronyism.

Globally, Rwanda ranked 38 and scored 76.3%, maintaining its second position on the continent in the World Bank’s annual Doing Business indices this year. In the Doing Business 2020, Rwanda is among a few economies in Sub-Saharan Africa that improved its business climate.

According to the World Bank reports, Rwanda implemented three reforms over the past 12 months of review on getting electricity, starting a business and dealing with construction permits. However, there was an abrupt change in the methodology where the World Bank debuted assessing the Active Stock Exchange as part of the indicators, hence Rwanda’s current rank.

Himbara the professor of hate deliberately distorts facts about Rwanda’s economic development as a way of achieving his motive of tarnishing Rwanda’s image, despite knowing that facts and reports are there for everyone to see.

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