Weed Smoking David Pleading For His Terrorist Outfit

David Himbara, the weed-smoking chief propagandist of Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC is up to his usual anti-Rwanda tricks. He is doctoring, out of context, the voice of President Kagame. Himbara puts audio on his Facebook page, and then declares “that is a violent speech”.

But what else would anyone expect from a propagandist devoted to smearing President Kagame every time he writes?

The President is heard briefing the military on what to do: shoot those terrorists that kill innocent people! In fact if Rwandan civilians heard that speech they will feel much more re-assured!

The terrorists that come to kill them are not merciful people! They come prepared to massacre innocents. They are not people that warn the population, “We are coming to kill you!” They strike in the night, and violently deprive people of their lives.

All these are realities that the Rujugiro-sponsored mouthpiece of the RNC terrorists hopes people will forget, when they read his slanders! People will not be deceived!

The job of a commander in chief is to tell the armed forces to defend the citizens of a country, by all means necessary. The job of those armed forces is to do just that – to the fullest extent possible.

Himbara pretending that this is a “violent speech” is beyond laughable. It is craven.

Of course the clown will say nothing when even the US, just next door from Canada where he lives, orders its marines to kill terrorists on sight.

Obviously, those that know RNC terror activities in Rwanda and what the families of 17 people lost to RNC grenades and over 400 injured must be going through; or those recently massacred 18 people in Kinigi when the RNC-allied “FDLR RUD” attacked, killing eight people and injured 18 others, will welcome the President’s speech.

Himbara and his RNC friends have a very good reason to fear what President Kagame has to say on how to deal with them. Hence their efforts to twist his words and turn them into something else. Their ragtag forces would, and will face true RDF fire should they try to cross from their forests to kill innocent civilians.

They have tried it some time back in Nyungwe, and they know what happened.

The weed smoker better listen to his doctored (de-contextualized) audio again. Then let him once again think of the fate of the poor fellows his group recruits with lies that they will “capture Rwanda”!

Whatever noises he makes on social media, the fate of those whom he and the others lie to, and recruit them into their highly dangerous and foolish venture, will not be pretty!

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