Weed Smoking Himbara Slapped By Another Investment In Rwanda

For the weed-smoking propagandist, David Himbara, Uganda is the center of the world. Paid to tarnish Rwanda by Yoweri Museveni (aka Exhibit #1510), the terrorist propagandist was bound to comment on the recent launch of the Dubai Ports Kigali Logistics Platform.

It had to make him unhappy, its an indication that his relentless smears campaigns fall on deaf ears. Investors are still considering Rwanda as a favorable destination, the recent DP World Investment is a slap in his face.

In his smear post, the weed smoker’s anger distorts geography. In his mind, the only way to get to Kenya or South Sudan from Rwanda is via Uganda. He forgets that both Kenya and South Sudan are accessible via Tanzania or even DR Congo. As for the southern border with Burundi, he should really get an update, the border is buzzing with trade.

Himbara’s propagandist line that the border with Uganda is closed is also false. He uses the said line to hide the fact that a travel advisory was issued to Rwandans not to travel to Uganda. He prefers to say the border is closed than to reveal the real cause keeping Rwandans away.

To support Himbara’s terrorist organization headed by Fugitive Kayumba, the Ugandan regime has been persecuting innocents Rwandans living in Uganda. They abduct Rwandans and illegally detain them in secret military intelligence (CMI) cells. They are beaten, tortured and forced to either convert to RNC or confess to trumped-up charges of espionage or illegal entry. Rwandans in their hundreds are illegally detained in Uganda in this wave of persecution.

Rwanda borders are open, just don’t expect Rwandans to put themselves in harm’s way with RNC and CMI hunting them down in Museveni’s Uganda. The 77-year-old ruler is consistently trying to destabilize Rwanda, hence his sponsorship of Himbara’s smear.

Himbara and the entire Anti-Rwanda propaganda can keep on making online noise, its effects will always be nullified with real success stories such as the DP World Investment.

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