Weed Smoking Himbara’s Propaganda Hurt By VW Rwanda Investment

The RNC propagandist and Liar In Chief, the weed smoking David Himbara, is venting about Volkswagen Rwanda (VW) again. The propagandist hates VW Rwanda, it represents his failure to sabotage the Economic Development of Rwanda with his Museveni sponsored smear campaigns.

In his latest attack, he minimizes the VW as a mere assembly plant stressing that the German car maker assembles but does not construct cars in Rwanda. His ignorance of industrial process is evident as most car manufacturers outsource parts productions to third party and then assemble the final product.

Toyota, Mercedes Benz or Land Rover do not produce tires, batteries, windows, etc… they outsource to specialized factories and dispatched to assembly plants. His ignorance lead him to believe that he just had an Eureka moment when, once again, he just made himself even more ridiculous. In his logic, to construct a car, one would need a tyre factory, a window factory, a panel press, an electronic center, and much more.

The weed smoking propagandist forgets key principles such as globalization and specialization! Very basic concept, one might really as if he has any development knowledge?

VW Rwanda, on the other hand, is a business proposition carefully studied and planned. If the German car maker investment in Rwanda hurts Himbara’s propaganda, he should brace himself for more pain as his empty rhetoric have failed to dent Rwanda’s development.

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