Gideon Rukundo Rugali Reveals The Extent Of NRM-RNC-FDLR Revisionist Ideology.

The NRM- RNC anti Rwanda fanatic, Gideon Rugali Rukundo, has been a very active troll. His dual membership to NRM and RNC keeps him very busy in the Museveni campaign to smear Rwanda and its leadership. He is, slowly but surely, unveiling a master plan by the common denominator in both RNC-NRM ‘Rwandanphobic’ agenda and Genocidal forces defeated in 1994.

Gideon Rukundo Rugali is a tool used by NRM heavyweights like the Minister of Security Tumwine and the Deputy Police Chief Sebiiti Muzeeyi. They fished him out of CMI’s radar (Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence) when he was caught engaging in subversive action and turned to be their online attack mouthpiece.

One of the mysteries with their enterprise to destabilize Rwanda has been the inclusion of genocidal forces such as FDLR and RUD forces. Rugali provides an answer to the enigma in his latest post. He creates an alternative universe with an fictitious reality.

For that to work, a series of distortion and revisionism is actively sponsored. With the help of Museveni’s purse, they bought and fabricated a litany of lies from a army thief and deserter, one Michael Mupende. The nonsense fiction they propagated simply made no sense; why, 29 years after, were they blaming the death of Late Rwigyema on someone who was clearly not within thousands of kilometers of where Rwigyema made the ultimate sacrifice to his country?

As it turns out, the revisionist conspiracy goes further, the Rukundo Rugali post suggests that had Rwigyema and Habyarimana were alive, then a peaceful settlement would have been found in 1994. He claims that Rwigyema on one side and Habyarimana on the other, could have controlled the violence. The distortion and revisionism then blames the subsequent violence on the Rwandan leadership.

In the alternative reality world he creates, he says RPF had no objective of Military victory. He claims the push to completely liberate Rwanda was not Gen. Rwigyema’s plan. As for Habyarimana, he claims the latter could have stopped the genocide against Tutsis in 1994. The twisted theory exonerates perpetrators of violence, blaming it on circumstantial, fictional scenarios. The surreal fantasy is very convenient for the NRM troll, it provides an altar for RNC and FDLR to marry, both being Museveni sponsored and supported militias.

Genocide is a process, a plan carefully implemented with a specific objective, the extermination of a race or group of persons with a common marker. It is not a spontaneous killing spree, Genocide is executed in stages. That Habyarimana’s death was the spark (according to Rugali’s theory), does not mean he played a key role in planning and executing the initial stages. The labeling, the dehumanization, the identification, the hate speech, the targeted killings, all occurred with the blessing of Habyarimana.

The sequence of events is clear, RPF had just signed a peace treaty, but with the Genocide unleashed, it quickly became a rescue force. The late Gen.Rwigyema would not have opposed the liberation and rescue of innocents Rwandans targeted by a well prepared Genocide against Tutsis in 1994.

The NRM troll reveals his hand, to get genocidaires on his sides, he literally exonerates them by blaming their actions on Habyarimana’s absence. And then, to add salt to injury, he apologizes for the liberation saying; had Rwigyema been alive, he would not have pushed to rescue and liberate Rwanda.

His alternative world, truly, is dark; it is only inhabited by Genocide denialist and perpetrators, disgraceful terrorist who confused liberation with to a personal affair for personal benefit. The Kayumba Nyamwasas, Yoweri Museveni and Felicien Kabuga might happily live in that bubble; but the rest of the world will never fall so low. No matter how many Mupendes they buy to create a alternate universe.

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