Foolish Weed Smoking Himbara Doesn’t Understand Basic Aviation Matters

One of the most foolish Anti-Rwandan online troll on social media is the weed smoking David Himbara. A weed addict, he is paid to run the RNC terrorist propaganda by the 75 year old ruler of Uganda.

When RwandAir landed in entebbe due to bad weather, a regular route for the airline the amnesiac troll jumped up and down in celebration. He launched a propaganda that Rwanda had to beg for its plane to land in Uganda.

Freedoms of the air

With the 5th freedom right, RwandAir not only flies to Entebbe but also picks up passengers to certain routes such as Juba or Nairobi. (Read about 5th freedom rights), yet the propagandist acts as if Entebbe had just won the lottery! RwandAir equally flies and lands to Bujumbura on a regular basis, but in Himbara’s fume clouded mind, Rwandair had not option but to beg to land.

His attempt to link the travel advisory issue to RwandAir is foolish and silly, it is as far fetched as the narrative that Rwanda has closed its border when bus cross with non Rwandan passengers on a daily basis. Himbara’s confusing the travel advisory to Rwandans caused by the nonstop persecution of innocents Rwandans in Uganda and air travel.

With hundreds of innocents Rwandans still illegally and arbitrary incarcerated and subjected to torture in CMI (Ugandan Military Intelligence) dungeons, no amount of rain will make Rwandans travel to Uganda. They will flyover the dangerous zone.

The pointless online jubilation does serve one purpose, it unmasks RNC’s loyalty and allegiance to the Ugandan regime.

They are so desperate and so dependent on their Ugandan regime support that they celebrated even harder than Ugandans, RNC had to use the event to bootlick hard those who shelter and sponsor them.

After confusing air ambulances to fighter jets, it is clear that Himbara has absolutely no knowledge of aviation. RwandAir will be traveling to Entebbe tomorrow, and the day after. Perhaps what should be of concern to Himbara is his disconnect to reality. Clearly, the RNC propagandist needs to work on his research and sourcing skills.

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