Rukundo Rugali Inspired By His Masters’ Crimes.

After a series of lies on the death of Gen Fred Rwigema, Gideon Rukundo Rugali has continued to push the Kampala smear campaign against Rwanda. The NRM candidate, who also seats in the RNC executive committee in Uganda, is the Facebook mouthpiece of Gen. Elly Tumwine (Ugandan Minister for Internal Security), recruited after he landed himself in trouble with Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI). Gen. Muzeyi Sabiti, the Deputy IGP of the Uganda Police, also regularly uses Rugali as an online attack dog.

The aspiring NRM candidate facilitated by the Ugandan regime created fake witness to distort historical accounts of fallen heroes during the liberation struggle. From thin air, they produced a deserter, Mupende Michael, who fled after stealing $18,000 from rations and cash allowances. Rugali and his associate turn Mupende into an omniscient being, he miraculously knows everything that happened 29 years ago. Their invention, the ‘super-witness’ is also omnipresent, after witnessing Rwigema’s death, he also happens to witness Major Chris Bunyenyezi and Major Peter Bayingana’s deaths. Mupende thinks he is omnipotent, capable of changing the past with his lies.

Image result for aronda nyakairima
Late Gen Aronda Nyakairima

Rukondo Rugali and his handlers Tumwine and Sabiti inspired by their master’s trickery in cook up lies. Gen. Aronda Nyakairima death in 2015 inspires the anti-Rwandan collaboration using Mupende’s fiction. In typical Museveni fashion, right after poisoning Gen. Aronda Nyakairima, they lined up to bury him with honors and drop crocodile tears on his grave. Nyakairima’s window braved them; she punched holes in their heart attack narrative as they sat just a few meters away from her.

Museveni’s contradictions on Gen. Aronda Nyakairima’s death

They are capable of such shameless evil twists that even seating cabinet ministers in Uganda come under threat by their mafia. Evelyn Anite, the State Minister of finance for investment and privatization faced such death threats from the mafia that sponsors Rukundo Rugali that she called them out, insisting that they should not come to her funeral after they kill her. She did not want the Aronda Nyakairima show. In reality, Rwanda faces experienced criminally-minded storytellers capable of attending their victims’ burial. If Rukundo Rugali and his fake witness are defaming and distorting history, they are drawing inspiration from their paymasters’ crime book.

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