Agaba Godwin misfires as he advises Museveni to do what he has been doing for over 20 years

Agaba Godwin, a convicted crook in Rwanda and constant repeat offender, is attempting to sanitize how deeply involved Museveni is with anti-Rwandan violent groups. On his Facebook, he published what some may think is advise but in reality, is an affirmation of what Museveni has been doing.

On his Facebook page, a Ugandan sponsored troll is advising Museveni to be tougher on Rwanda and to cease cordiality. He writes:

– “It is high time Uganda realised that this is not a matter to discuss over tea and it passes. There is not mutual cordiality and reciprocation. Rather it is a cold shoulder that could spark off something tragic.”

The Museveni has been extremely hostile to Rwanda. He is currently sponsoring and organizing all sorts of terror groups to destabilize Rwanda. Regularly, apprehended terrorists and genocidaires are almost always linked to Uganda for example; FDLR and RNC senior officials were caught with Ugandan passports, senior FDLR are apprehended traveling from meetings in Uganda, the recent RUD attackers in Musanze were recruited in Uganda.

Agaba Godwin online outburst is over the disappearance of an RNC member, Ben Rutabana, in Uganda. The troll does not like that Rutabana’s family is accusing their fellow RNC members of foul play in Uganda. The Rutabana’s family is clear; RNC members’ have special security guarantees in Uganda, and therefore Rutabana must be a victim of internal wrangles. In discrediting the Rutabana’s family plea, Godwin Agaba “wonders” why “Belgium and other countries are not subject to pressure”. He pretends to find it unfair that only Uganda is on the stoplight, but instead of simply proving with immigration for records that Rutabana left Uganda, all he says is Rutabana went for ‘operations in Congo’.

Rutabana’s Wife letter

In Agaba’s version Rutabana died in Congo killed by RUD (a FDLR splinter group) and that his family should stop bothering Uganda with it. Accidentally, Agaba reveals that RNC transit through Ugandan to reach a frontline in Congo. Rather than question why terrorists prefer the Ugandan route to a front in Congo, he strangely concludes that Rwanda is behind a campaign to publicize Rutabana’s case. His only concern it the bad press Uganda is getting and that therefore, Museveni should get tougher with Rwanda!

How could Museveni possibly get tougher with Rwanda? Over the past 20 years, Museveni has turned Uganda as a hub for all terrorist movements (RNC, FDLR, P5, RUD, MRCD-FLN, etc…) that target Rwanda. Government-owned newspapers, and over 30 online news outlets and blogs tarnish and smear Rwanda at the direction of Museveni’s Intelligence Agencies. What can he really do to be more aggressive? He has so far carried out acts of economic sabotage, persecution of Rwandans, and so far without success. With UPDF’s numerous defeats in Kisangani still fresh in his memory, he is all too aware that a direct confrontation would be disastrous for him. Rwanda knows Museveni is hostile, and that he is actively pursuing to destabilize it.

Agaba’s advice to the 75-year-old is redundant, he tells him to do what he is already doing.

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