Museveni’s Official Smear Campaigns To Destabilize And Divide Rwanda.

Yoweri Museveni has been trying to drive a wedge in Rwanda using disgruntled and disgraced officials that flee from justice. He uses official Ugandan media – The New Vision– to launch smear campaigns in an attempt to destabilize and divide Rwandans. His most recent stunt is with a deserter, Michael Mupende, who fled after stealing $18,000 from rations and cash allowance.

Museveni has, over the years, developed a skill in identifying low lives, willing to tell lies and fabrications. Mupende, a wife beating thief that abandoned his family, is a known coward and crook. In the past, the newspaper has served as a platform for terrorist and known fugitives such as Kayumba Nyamwasa, David Himbara, and almost anyone willing to hurl insults.

With Museveni offering money, Michael Mupende has an epiphany. They try to change circumstances surrounding the death of a Rwandan Hero, Gen. Fred Rwigema. The war hero fell to a stray bullet from a retreating enemy on the second day in the liberation struggle. His family and close friends, his companions in the liberation struggle of Rwanda and the entire grateful nation of Rwanda have no doubt about it.

It is certainly not the crooked version of a corrupt wife beating thief, 29 years later, that will change historic facts. By printing it in the New Vision all they reveal to the world is that Museveni has an official hostile policy against Rwanda.

The defamation is also a petty form of revenge. Im East Congo, the anti-Rwandan alliance of terrorist, genocidal maniac and Museveni has been taking a brutal beating. For lack of physical or intellectual ways to harm Rwanda; they resort to insults, defamation, and smear campaigns as consolation.

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