NRM Candidate Gideon Rukundo Rugali Steps Up Online Attacks

Gideon Rukundo Rugali, the RNC-NRM activist, has strategically stepped up his hate campaign. The Ugandan regime ruling party member constant attacks against Rwanda can be used to show how hypocritical Museveni gets Rwanda issues.

Rwanda has, over and over again, denounced that Uganda fosters an actively hostile policy against Rwanda. What Rwanda says has been proven time and again with evidence of hundreds of innocents Rwandans illegally detained in Uganda, terrorist militias armed and trained in Uganda.

Gideon Rukundo Rugali illustrates how the Ugandan regime is hostile and ill-willed in resolving the Rwanda-Uganda crisis. He represents the unholy alliance of the RNC terrorist movement and the Ugandan ruling party NRM. Aware of his regime’s commitment in the Luanda MoU, the NRM aspiring MP candidate actually stepped up his social media attacks.

He is now venturing, unhindered, in threatening the accredited Rwandan Ambassador in Uganda. His Facebook attacks are more than violations of the MoU, they are also violating the1961 Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Relations. The convention clearly outlines that a resident diplomat’s security and safety is under the host country’s responsibility, and specifically, it affords a central role and status to heads of missions.

The NRM member’s attacks on the Head of Rwanda’s Diplomatic mission is bizarre in many ways, but the fact that NRM does not rebuke him is deliberate. Normally Diplomats are supposed to be under the protection of Uganda state; how can they justify that their ruling party member is allowed to slander, smear and even threaten an accredited Head of Diplomatic mission?

In supporting the RNC terrorist movement, the Ugandan regime has given carte blanche to his intelligence and security agencies to harass innocents Rwandans, it seems clear that it has now extended the same privilege to attack Rwandan diplomats. How are ordinary Rwandans supposed to feel safe enough to travel to Uganda when diplomats face such hostile attacks?

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