Himbara and Weed Smoking Economic Analysis

David Himbara, the RNC propagandist, is as intellectually dishonest as it gets. The weed smoker’s manipulations are second nature, especially when it gets to Rwanda. Using a graph he obtained from xe.com , a online forex analysis tool, he shares a hourly fluctuation of the Rwandan Franc (RWF) to falsely claim that the currency has crashed against the US Dollar (USD).

The key in understanding his lie, in on the scale captured, the value scale of the RWF is from 0.0010775 USD to 0.0010855 USD against 24 hours time-lapse. As a comparison, the Ugandan Shilling (UGX) is weighted on a 0.00027065 USD to 0.00027145 USD. The added decimal in the Uganda Shilling valuation is due to its low nominal value to the dollar.

Rwandan Franc and Ugandan Shilling value in USD

Himbara’s false alarm that there is a crisis when the RWF value changes from 0.0010825 to 0.001078, a 0.0000045 change, is simply ridiculous. Currencies fluctuate every day, capturing a day’s opening number is a deliberate attempt to mislead. 

RWD to USD over a Month

As a currency gains more nominal value to the dollar, fluctuations become easier to capture. To detect fluctuations in the Ugandan Shilling are very hard to illustrate unlike the Rwandan Francs.

Furthermore, the stronger the currency the more visible and relevant fluctuations become. Below, a graph of the British Pound (GBP) to the USD fluctuation on the 7th of October 2019. By his analysis, the weed smoking RNC propagandist would have you believe there is a major economic crisis. 

GBP to USD Daily

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