David Himbara, High On Weed, Thinks He Will Tilt Justice.

The weed smoking RNC propagandist David Himbara has a new theory. According to his most recent crazy post, American Pastors should be immune to the law and do as they please in Rwanda.

The paid propagandist is paid to smear Rwanda at all cost. Sponsored by Tribert Rujugiro and Yoweri Museveni, both corruption symbols around the world, Himbara has to find a way to insult Rwanda to get their money.

The American pastor in question is charged with numerous of charges ranging from holding an unlicensed gathering to overstaying his visa. His embassy and lawyers will have access and due process will follow as in any normal state.

A sensational headline from a propagandist will not tilt the scale of Rwandan justice. The weed smoking propagandist overestimates himself for the sole purpose of cashing in on the ‘smear Rwanda funds’ availed by his corrupt paymasters.

David Himbara’s sudden interest is a cheap trick, frequently used by his clique to divert attention from the fact that the terrorist network they set up in Uganda is suffering defeat after defeat!

His defense of radical teachings that claim ‘women are evil’ is as shameful as the act of trying to bully an independent judiciary. The weed smoker should explain why he thinks an American Pastor is above the law, would it be possible to live in a society where such a privilege exists?

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