Rwandan Terrorists Danced Too Early

Commandpost and Kayumba Nyamwasa celebrated too early that their allies – the Genocidal FDLR or other Terrorist associates – attacked a locality in Rwanda. They rumbled on that their partner had attacked gloriously for 2 hours and photoshopped pictures to depict a fleeing population.

What they failed to do, as usual, is to gage the ordinary Rwandan resolve and determination. They are so out of touch with reality on the ground that they failed to predict the immediate aftermath of their cowardly hit and run attack.

Within hours, ordinary citizens plucked their militias with their bare hands. Scenes of local residents parading the glorified thugs by anti Rwanda media and forces simply shows that they are as fake in reality as they are online.

Citizen arrest Anti-Rwanda thug

What kind of force gets plucked by unarmed locals who they claim to be fighting for?

For instance, to illustrate what transpired in Kinigi (Musanze, Rwanda) where their thugs attacked, anti Rwanda media is using pictures of a military exercise simulating combat health care by the Rwandan Army. These pictures were obtained from the Rwandan Army which shared their simulation exercise online.

Fake Command Post twitter

How long will they fool themselves that they are capable of taking on Rwanda? Not so long ago, their commanders were paraded in courtrooms, others have pictures of their dead bodies circulating online.

FDLR, RNC, P5, etc… are not match for Rwanda, they may foolishly photoshop online and rumble on their blogs and fake online accounts, in reality, if they step on Rwandan soil, they will be caught and paraded.

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