Weed Smoking Himbara Should Worry About His Absent Partners In RNC

The weed smoking David Himbara, an absentee father divorced too many times to count, who also happens to have an absentee boss in his RNC terrorist movement and a sponsor, Yoweri Museveni, also absent from the most important international gatherings, has the audacity to call President Kagame an absentee ruler.

One would image that Himbara would be embarrassed to type the word ‘absent’ as he would know it directly point to him and his entourage, but David Himbara lives in a different world. As the world gathered in New York for the UN General Assembly eagerly following global policies in development, he was snooping for negative points to write.

The RNC propagandist is paid for that, to find or create anything negative to write on Rwanda. His sponsor, Yoweri Museveni, probably skipped New York as he was recently mentioned in a New York courtroom for taking $500,000 US Dollar bribe. #Exhibit 1510, as Museveni is referred to, must have been too embarrassed to show his face in New York.

Himbara’s other sponsor, Tribert Rujugiro, also has legal issues in most countries. He tends not to travel since his days with a beeping ankle monitor in UK. Rujugiro, a renowned fraudster, is always worried about arrest warrants for various economics crimes. He prefers to stay in Uganda where he is a business associate to Exhibit #1510’ s brother, an even more corrupt Salim Saleh.

However, the award for most absent member of the anti-Rwanda click has to go to the RNC boss, fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa.

The fellow is missing in action at all levels, he safely tucks away while other RNC members do the heavy lifting. His militia members are captured and killed on the battlefield regularly but their leader is no where to be seen. It also happens to be a habit, we recently learnt how he skipped war and gave himself a scholarship when he was the Chief of Staff of an Army in battle. RNC is headed by an absentee coward, who only wants credit and glory.

If Himbara really wants to know who runs Rwanda while the President is away representing Rwanda, he should take the first flight to Kigali during the President’s travels. He will find out that Rwanda is run by modern institutions, not individuals, and that the mark of great leadership is to build institutions.

Yet the question that should really concern Himbara is how their terrorist enterprise will survive the repetitive catastrophic defeats with an absentee fugitive cult leader!

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