Nyamwasa better keep Rwigema out of his mouth!

Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa, hiding behind his fake Facebook account “RPF Gakwerere”, displays in his posts his complete lack of morals. He is so immoral that one wonders if he was brought up or reared as he lacks even the most basic concept of decency or decorum.

In all customs, particularly in Africa one is brought up to respect the departed. Terrorist Kayumba by weaponizing the death of Gen. Fred Rwigema shows how bare his terrorist movement is of ideology and ethics. Most ironic is the terrorist’s attempt to align himself to Rwigema.

Maybe Nyamwasa, shouting as he is that he stands for the ideals of Rwigema, has forgotten that he is the author of grenade attacks against innocent Rwandans – 17 of whom died and 400 injured. Nyamwasa should get Rwigema’s name out of his mouth, and stop insulting the departed hero’s memory! (Read More about Kayumba’s Crimes)

He twists and codes his acclamation rituals to his sponsors, Yoweri Museveni (aka Exhibit #1510) and his brother Salim Saleh, and follows it with insults and smears against Rwanda and its current leadership. These however are the people that have turned the vision they shared with the late Fred into reality.

The fugitive and his henchmen likes Himbara like to distort the image of Rwanda with the most unhinged propaganda. The objective world however can observe for itself that Rwanda is one of the most hopeful, forward-looking countries on the continent; a country that has broken with a past of tribal violence; a country where gender equality is closest to being realized than elsewhere in the world; and one where economic growth is rivaled by few in the region.

Nyamwasa meanwhile is in bed with FDLR, to bring violence and carnage back to Rwanda. What a cynical man to even dare put Rwigema’s name in his mouth – a man who with his Ugandan backers are the biggest danger to region stability currently! They will do anything to destroy what Rwigema stood for, to replace it with Museveni regime-style misrule, corruption and, ultimately, state failure. (Read about Kayumba RNC Connections)

But they will never manage to impose themselves on Rwanda; a country that has never wavered from the vision the leadership, and the dead heroes pursued when they took on the liberation struggle.

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