Weed-Smoking David Himbara Misquoting to Tarnish Rwanda

David Himbara, the RNC weed smoking propagandist is once again up to his distortions and disinformation tactics. As always, he misquotes deliberately sources and twist their narrative to fit his smear campaign. Using a Reuters article on the VW Mobility program in Rwanda, “Volkswagen gambles on ride-hailing to break through African roadblocks”, the propagandist turns it into an anti-Rwanda tirade.

Essentially Reuters explores an innovation by VW Africa with the creation of a new car ride-hailing program and reselling a 2-year-old used car. VW Africa still sells car to those who can afford it, and although it does not offer financing, most banks in Rwanda offer car financing. The article, VW Africa are not calling the plant construction a failure or a disaster, nor are they saying that the plant was implemented with false information. ( Read the Reuteurs Article )

During the launch of the plant, President Kagame said, “We are indeed delighted that a Rwandan software firm, Awesomity Lab, was selected by Volkswagen to design the application that will power the innovative ride-sharing mobility solution.” (Read the President’s speech) Rwanda and Volkswagen were clear about the mobility solution. The idea that Volkswagen opened a plant thinking that every Rwandan can buy a brand new car is totally false. Only a weed smoking propagandist would believe that car assembly plants are built in a country where everyone can afford a brand new car.

The RNC propagandist is paid to tarnish Rwanda on a daily basis. His sponsors, Museveni (Exhibit #1510) and Rujugiro (#anklebeeps) particularly expect him to engage in economic sabotage by planting as many rumors as possible. Any success story from Rwanda such as the Volkswagen plant is automatically a target for their Anti-Rwanda enterprise.

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