Economic Growth in Rwanda Gives RNC Propagandist David Himbara Nightmares

Intellectual dishonesty and David Himbara go hand in hand just as it is impossible to separate him for his true RNC terrorist colors. The weed smoker runs propaganda on behalf of the RNC with the objectif to tarnish and harm Rwanda. The RNC propagandist is so determined to illustrate that Rwandan economy is failing that he resorts to complete fabrication and out right manipulation.

Angered that Rwandan economy’s second quarter grew by 12.2%, David Himbara wrote a false analysis basing his article on a series of lies. He claims that the 12.2 % is impossible because commodity prices such as tea and coffee collapsed. Well, last year, coffee prices in USD per pound were actually lower. In September 2018, the price was $ 0.97 per pound, today the price stands at $1.04 per pound.   

Coffee prices

Coffee at $0.97 per pound in 2018
Coffee at $1.04 per pound in 2019

Source (https://www.macrotrends.net/2535/coffee-prices-historical-chart-data)

Besides the price collapse false narrative, the weed smoking propagandist comes up with another fantastic lie. Agriculture does represent 28% of the GDP but the lie is in equating the entire agricultural sector to just two commodities. Of the 28%, export crops represent less than 3% since 2014! This is according to National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR) that Himbara is quoting.

As a recipient of Museveni (or Corrupt Exhibit #1510) and Rujugiro (or Beeping Ankles) funds, Himbara has to try to argue for the Ugandan border to be opened to ease the suffering RNC is causing to the Ugandan Economy. The Ugandan economy is suffering from the hostile policies to persecute Rwandans, they are subjected to arbitrary arrest and detention, torture and dumping at border posts. The hostile policy is a deliberate attempt to destabilize Rwanda.

The 12.2% quarter growth will give Himbara many more sleepless night. Lazy Himbara’s anger should brace for the third and fourth quarter results, he will then realize that Rwanda has been moving on just fine despite his hostile propaganda.

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