Rwanda Economic Growth Drives Himbara Mad!

After a sustained smear campaign on Rwanda, Weed Smoking David Himbara is unable to believe that Rwanda’s Economy has grown with its quarterly GDP reported to be 12.2% from 8.6% in the previous quarter. He thinks that his smear campaigns and lobby activities against Rwanda must have been more effective.

David Himbara, RNC Chief Propagandist

Himabara is sponsored with hundreds of thousands in US Dollars by Yoweri Museveni and Tribert Rujugiro (also known as Ankle-beeps from his ankle monitor wearing days) to smear Rwanda through mainstream media and social media on behalf of RNC, a terrorist organization.

In reality, the RNC Propagandist has wasted his energy and his sponsors money. Himbara is a fraud, one that could not even be bothered to research and publish fact. In a true propagandist style, he prefers to self-publishes thus avoiding scrutiny and he expects others to take his words as the gospel truth.

A simple google on GDP and fastest growing economies reveals that Himbara is in fact the mad one for not believing a country can reach 12% growth in a quarter. It is common knowledge that the fastest growing economies attain double digit growth, most of which are in Africa and Asia!

Consistently for the past five years, Rwanda makes it on the list of rapidly growing economies. Himbara’s astonishment is either due to his lack of basic common knowledge or is a face saving measure to his brutal failure to disrupt Rwanda’s economic development. His sponsors should get a refund!

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