Good News in Rwanda Makes David Himbara Angry

David Himbara, the RNC propagandist, did not enjoy President Kagame’s speech to the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) political bureau. What angered Himbara were economic figures, stronger than ever with a 12% growth for the second quarter, his anger led him to hear voices in his head. The heavy weed smoker is suffering from delirium. The propagandist thinks he heard and saw from Canada what no one else did.

Angry David Himbara

One might even ask why he follows the Political Bureau of the Rwandan Patriotic Front to start with, as a member of the terrorist organization RNC, why would he want to follow RPF’s events? Understandably, RNC is devoid of any ideology, so perhaps the drug-using propagandist is looking for inspiration. Perhaps what spooked Himbara was the reminder of facts that President Kagame issued to terrorist groups.

The President said that Rwanda is able and willing to defend itself against terrorist, those who tested its resolve found out the hard way. That’s a fact that actually reassures Rwandans. If Himbara loses sleep over facts, then so be it, but he should know that no country would tolerate armed and active terrorist. The Head of State reminded would be trouble makers that Rwanda Defense Force (RDF) is sworn to defend it from all enemies.

As for Himbara, he should take his time to digest the news of a 12% growth in Rwanda despite all his negative campaign.

Click to view the full speech by President Kagame

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