Charles Kambanda Crazy Theory On Kale Kayihura

Anti-Rwandan propaganda narratives are filled with conspiracy theorists usually with an ax to grind. This is the case of one Charles Kambanda, well-known for his genocide denier, who regularly engages in baseless wild conspiracies against Rwanda. In his analysis of the US sanctions against Kale Kayihura, he concocts a machination that Rwanda “tossed Kayihura under the bus”.

Young Kambanda

The “law professor”, also notorious for his sex for grades practice, needs to be reminded very basic facts on Kale Kayihura. Who appointed Kale Kayihura as Inspector General of Police in Uganda and most importantly, who dismissed him? In his fallacious conspiracy, the genocide denier wants his readers to believe that the Kale Kayirhura sanctions are the product of an international agreement with Rwanda.

He quotes closed-door sessions of the United Nations Security Council as proof, how does Kambanda expect anyone to believe his quotes of closed doors sessions to which he is obviously not invited? He ignores reality, Kale Kayihura was appointed and dismissed by Museveni and the sanctions are US-issued. But somehow he contrives to drag Rwanda into the Ugandan regime’s messes.

Charles Kambanda is simply mad, even by anti-Rwandan conspiracy theorist standards, and it seems no one in his anti-Rwanda propaganda circle is able or willing to tell him the truth –that he is making a fool of himself publicly. It is scary that such a person is allowed to get in a position where he can teach young minds. It is even scarier if one reads what his former student Clet Kintu writes on Facebook about him. Kintu says that Kambanda killed his bother and tried to poison him in order to silence him.

Below is an extract of what his former student writes:

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