Clumsy Nuwamanya Just Published RNC Rebels List

After completing an online celebration that the US took sanctions on Kale Kayihura, the former IGP of Uganda, Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabirigi is now publishing a list of alleged victims of the sanctioned IGP.

Nuwamanya is clumsy, in his previous celebration, he had accidentally unmasked himself as an RNC Operative along with others in their strange ritualistic Facebook postings. Now he shares a list of alleged victims, initially shared by his colleague one Prossy Bonabaana of the RNC Uganda Executive Committee. The list was part of a petition she once tabled, claiming it to be a list of ‘refugees’ abducted.

The first striking aspect of the list is the number of non-civilians on the list. Unless international law change, a fleeing soldier is known as a deserter, not a refugee! But the Nuwamanya gaffe is more serious, he accidentally shared a list of active combatants!

Number 25 of his list, one ‘Captain Charles Sibo’ turns out to be none other than the RNC commandant that was killed on the battlefield in Eastern Congo, in 2019! Nuwamanya lists him as a Kidnapped in 2012. (Full Story on Viruga Post)

The high profile RNC commander’s picture was circulated all over the net along with videos of other wounded RNC rebels confessing to their terrorist enterprise in the region.

Captain (rtd) Sibomana “Sibo” Charles killed in DR Congo, June 2019

The capture RNC rebels confession confirmed what a UN Group of Experts on DRC published in December 2018 (Click here for the full UN Report) that RNC operates in DR Congo, with support from Uganda which also is a recruitment base for the terrorist group.

Clumsy Nuwamanya accidentally adds more proof in his desperate search for an online victory for his RNC terrorist group. How will he explain that his 2012 missing deserters are killed in Congo in 2019?

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