Weed Smoking David Himbara Fake Narratives To Help Museveni

With the release of 32 Rwandans that were arbitrarily incarcerated in Uganda, all those who receive money from Museveni are working hard to deflect attention.

David Himbara, the weed smoking RNC propagandist is not exempt from the diversion exercise. He is diverting with a sanitized version of his innocence, and that of his recruits in a terrorist enterprise to destabilize Rwanda.

In his false narrative, he mentions that he was in South Africa up to the death of karegeya, one of his associates in his plans to destabilize Rwanda. He almost incriminates himself directly but tries to exonerate two individuals charged with related crimes to destabilize Rwanda.

For someone who spends so much of his time filling up social media with lies and slander on Rwanda, he should know that his words have absolutely no value. If he truly wanted to speak for victims of gross injustice, he would advocate for the release of hundreds of innocents Rwandans still in his sponsors captivity.

His words have no value as it is also hard to take a weed smoking propagandist seriously, who knows whether or not he is sober? Himbara tries to lure Rwandans with the fiction that “RNC will soon take over Rwanda!” Does the weed-addled man think people have forgotten how the ragtag RNC has been badly annihilated in DRC?

Those who fall for his lies only have themselves to blame unlike the hundreds of innocents Rwandans illegally detained by Ugandan Intelligence. Rwandans will not loose sight of their brothers and sisters suffering in secret cells, tortured to join Himbara’s terror group.

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