Nuwamanya Thinks He Can Fool The Entire World

RNC die hard supporters and their terrorist leader Kayumba Nyamwasa take the rest of the world for fools. One of them, Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabiligi, a known RNC executive committee member and online troll (Virugapost, August 2019) wants his readers to blindly believe a deliberate lie by his RNC boss that Gen. Kabarebe was about to betray his nation as terrorist Kayumba did.

As usual, Nuwamanya posted his fictitious lies on Facebook but we can expect it to soon find its way on other anti-Rwanda platforms.

In a recent carefully staged interview on Radio Itahuka (an RNC media), Kayumba Nyamwasa launched a fallacious rumor that Gen. James Kabarebe attempted to flee on numerous occasion. The terrorist fugitive would like nothing more that company in his solitude, in his madness. They spray the rumor with a complete fiction that a Burundian General, Adolphe Nshimirimana, was killed by Kabarebe to cover his tracks. Nuwamanya relays the fabrication on his Facebook page.

The vicious smear campaign against Gen. Kabarebe was stepped up after he revealed how treacherous Kayumba Nyamwasa really is. (Click here for video) RNC has had difficulties digesting the fact that an credible source, Gen Kabarebe, who knows Kayumba since his days in University called him traitor and illustrated who traitorous he was. Their response was to attempt to discredit Gen. Kabarebe with the wild accusation that he secretly wanted to join RNC in exile.

The former minister of Defence and current Senior Security Advisor to the President of Rwanda is a frequent traveler, if he wanted to leave and not return it would be as easy as buying a plane ticket. The argument that he needed a Burundian passport to flee is equally ridiculous. Who was he supposed to fool with a Burundian passport? Certainly not Rwandan immigration officers, any immigration officer would all recognize him instantly.  

Sulah Nuwamunyana Wakabiligi should spend more time contemplating how he left his wife and his four children in Rwanda. They are currently receiving social aid and tuition from the Government of Rwanda social program “ubudehe”. Unlike the terrorist he serves and defends whose sole mission is destruction, Rwanda is in constructing a future for his children.


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