Gideon Rukundo Rugali Believes Torture Of Rwandans Is Acceptable

An NRM (the Ugandan Ruling Party)aspiring candidate, Gideon Rukundo Rugali , is always attacking Rwanda hoping to get some attention from the NRM hierarchy. His name does seem Rwanda, his particular focus on Rwanda might also be due to ulterior motives such as membership to FDLR or RNC.

NRM Aspiring Candidates

His most recent attack is particularly virulent and heartless. He picks on of an emblematic Innocents Rwandan, Rene Rutangugira, who was abducted by Ugandan Military Intelligence and paints him as a monster who deserves no legal assistance.

Rene Rutangugira, a businessman was abducted two years ago, charged by a military court (although a civilian) months after he had been held incommunicado without access to family, legal aid or consular visit. His abduction was captured on CCTV, he was tortured by Gen. Henry Tumukunde in person – the former minister of security and anti-Rwandan extremist. (Read VirungaPost for full story)

Rukundo Rugali invents a fallacious story of a survivor of torture. He then uses this created person to accuse Rutangugira of torture and murder as if it justifies the cruel and inhuman treatment that Rutangugira has faced for the past two years. The NRM aspirant literally calls out Rutangugira’s lawyers blaming them for defending a “monster”. How can someone pretend to seek justice while blatantly calling for justice to be denied at the same time?

Unfortunately, Gideon Rukundo Rugali’s mentality truly reflects the hard reality for innocents Rwandans living in Uganda. There is no justice for Rwandans, even the basic right to a lawyer, to protection against torture, is publicly contested by an NRM aspiring candidate!

It is now popular to hate Rwandans in the Ugandan ruling party!

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