Weed Smoking Himbara In Overdrive With Lies

The RNC chief propagandist, David Himbara can’t keep track of his lies. The weed smoker is paid to lie by Rujugiro and Museveni in their sustained effort to tarnish the image of Rwanda. Himbara’s drug use is, however, interfering with his mind.

He started the week announcing Gen. Kabarebe, the former minister of defense, is under house arrest. That lie was debunked with pictures of the General at a football stadium with other football fans. Thereafter, realizing how silly his lie was, he quickly moved to claim that it was another General claiming that the other General was jailed too.

Himbara’s intoxicated mind has so far falsely called a Foreign Affairs Minister poisoned to death, a former Minister of Defense and several other senior army officials or civil servants jailed. Now with a reshuffle in the Ministry of Defense, Himbara’s brain clouded with smoke is in overdrive with conspiracies.

The amount of lies that Himbara will generate from a routine appointment will be mind-blowing. He will write all sorts of conspiracies in frivolous attempt to divide Rwandans without a single care for facts or accuracy. The reshuffle offers him an opportunity to create new lies and new fictions. From Canada, all he can do is invent reasons as he is completely disconnected from what actually goes on in Rwanda.

Paid to relentlessly tarnish Rwanda, he will exploit every single new development on the internet. If only he knew how irrelevant his commentaries are to Rwandans, he would spare his effort for more productive activities.

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