NRM Aspiring Candidate Anti-Rwanda platform.

There are a number of fake hostile anti-Rwandan accounts on Facebook that run all sorts of lies and insults directed at Rwanda and its leadership. These hostile accounts plant smear accusing Rwanda of all crimes without a shred of evidence. Gideon Rukundo Rugari is one of these Facebook acts trying to tarnish the image of Rwanda, (whose Facebook page shows he also happens to be an NRM member aspiring to be an MP).

In Uganda, Museveni has installed a system so hateful of Rwandans that now the fastest way to catch his attention, some now think, is by making a public show of hate for Rwandans. The more ‘hateful’ one is, the more likely you are to get favor in Museveni’s circle, some of these unscrupulous elements are now calculating.

One ia even sure to get Museveni’s intelligence money as a reward for spreading rumors and smears about Rwanda! Gideon Rukundo Rugari works very hard to get Museveni’s attention by recycling the usual trash, completely concocted stories on Rwanda and its leaders.

He even quotes the Bible in his effort to sanitize proven violent elements that were plotting to shed Rwandan blood. He also pulls more smears by deliberately confusing his readers with attempts to attribute crimes committed by the Ugandan regime as “Rwanda crimes”. The only success he achieves with his ill-conceived tricks is to shock both Rwandans and Ugandans who know the truth.

He basically wants to sanitize proven terrorists – who have taken the lives of innocents – as the innocent parties themselves. For example in Uganda if he truly wants to know who killed the Hon. Bobi Wine’s driver then he should ask Bobi Wine! If he wants to know who killed Bobi Wine’s good friend Zigy Wine then he should ask Bobi!

But Rugari prefers to point his hypocritical finger at Rwanda accusing it of all kinds of crimes with no proof or evidence.

The only thing he achieves with his fake news post is to confirm how bankrupt of ideas he and his like are.

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