Weed Smoking Himbara Amplifies His Own Propaganda

The weed smoker and RNC chief propagandist, David Himbara, is high early morning on a Monday. It was barely 9:30 am in Canada, where the propagandist woke up to write pure madness. He is pushing RNC talking points that have been amplified by ABC an Australian media outlet. The article is a long fictitious story that contains all the key talking points of the RNC terrorist group, Genocide deniers’ groups and their global network of allies. Himbara is very glad to amplify his own propaganda.

Weed Smoking Himbara

The source of much madness, David Himbara praises the propaganda planted most probably with the help of the RNC network of which he is the chief misinformation specialist. The attack piece was written by Amy Greenbank with elaborate illustrations by Emma Machan. Although we might be tempted to laugh it off as the work of a ‘high Himbara’, repeating his lies and foolishness but it is actually a known propagandist technique. He is trying to achieve a self-fulfilling prophecy by repeating a lie over and over again. He hopes that eventually, his lie will intoxicate perception to the point that the repeated lie might be taken to be true.

Along with other Anti-Rwandan forces, a toxic brew of genocide deniers and negationists, the RNC propagandist also uses a famous ‘Big Lie’ Nazi propaganda technic with regard to the ‘Rwandan spies’ in Australian hoax. The big lie is basically based on the belief that the bigger the lie, the more likely the lie will be believed. By coming up with a complete fabrication that Rwanda has spies in Australia with no proofs anti-Rwandan forces hope that at least part of the lie will be believed. By amplifying it, Himbara also gambles that it will somehow serve his sponsors Tribert Rujugiro (the ankle bracelet wearing old man) and Yoweri Museveni (Exhibit #1510) to justify their persecution of Hundreds of Rwandans in Uganda.

It’s a cycle of madness, Himbara and his RNC create a rumor and then plant it. Afterward, the same rumormongering click pretends that their rumor is news, they then share it and comment to relay their madness. So the question is, when will this weed-smoking Himbara madness stop?

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