With MoU signed, Himbara Is Spinning With Cheap Definitions!

David Himbara is really something else, the region just snookered one of his sponsors and supporters –Yoweri Museveni – and all he do is define what a MoU is?

Museveni agreed to stop all support to RNC terrorist organization which Himbara works for. Museveni also agreed to respect the rights of Rwandans in Uganda, whether residing or on transit. This means releasing innocent Rwandans illegally held by Ugandan Intelligence at the request or instigation of RNC.

Minister Nduhungirehe is right, Rwandans will wait until they are certain not to be walking into a trap set by RNC and Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI).

Clearly, Museveni and his RNC friends (including Himbara) are struggling with how to resume trade without fulfilling their end of the Mou. There is simply no way to have it both ways, they cannot trade with Rwandans and harass Rwandans at the same time.

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