CHOGM2020, Himbara’s Nightmare!

David Himbara and his RNC terrorist band are afraid of the scheduled Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2020 (CHOGM2020) to be held in Rwanda. Sabotaging the event is their defacto ground zero, and for that, they received huge sums of money from Rujugiro (a Rwandan dissident) and Yoweri Museveni (The Ugandan President). Their battle to sabotage the event is spearheaded by David Himbara, their Chief propagandist.

To achieve this goal, they advance a narrative that Rwanda should not host the event due to its Human Rights record, which conveniently is theirs to determine. To tarnish Rwanda’s Human Rights record, Himbara and his allies circulate false news of allegedly missing persons. One of their most famous blunders was their Human Rights Watch fictitious production of a missing people list, they turned up to be well and going about their daily business. Human Right Watch had tricked them in submitting copies of their IDs just to publish it as missing people IDs.

In February 2019, one Richard Bourne published along the set sabotage narrative that Rwanda should not host the CHOGM2020, Himbara circulated it and went on to write an open to Rt. Hon Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in June 2019. He too expressed the exact same narrative, that Rwanda should not host the event on grounds on their preset Human Rights barometer.

Singapore, Jamaica, Zambia, India, Bahamas, Canada, Malaysia, Zimbabwe, Cyprus, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Nigeria, Uganda, Trinidad and Tobago, Sri Lanka, Malta, have all hosted the CHOGM. Rwanda will host it in 2020, what the Himbara click fears is that it will be the final stab to their fictitious narrative. The idea that participants will see the real strikes accomplished by Rwanda is a nightmare for the RNC propagandist as well as all anti-Rwandan forces constantly painting a false image of Rwanda.

David Himbara, Museveni and Rujugiro are certain that a visit to Rwanda reveals them to be liars and rumourmongers. They are now offering a sad show of desperation as they fight a losing battle. CHOGM2020 will be held in Rwanda.

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