Conning Himbara Twisting World Bank Reports

The RNC propagandist, David Himbara, is once again offering an extremely erroneous interpretation of a World Bank Report. Cunningly, he is using a diagnostic report as a weapon against Rwanda.

Usually, the World Bank carries out country specific studies in conjunction with other financial institutions to identify obstacles to progress as well as opportunities for development. This is done to help stakeholders and policy makers.

Himbara spins it, and would have you believe that a respectable institution such the World Bank would write the following in a country specific diagnosis:

1) to be poorer than its neighbors, 2) has worse education than its neighbors,

3) more dependent on foreign aid, 4) private sector hardly exists, and 5) attracts less foreign investment, 6) has dismal infrastructure, and

7) cronyism and favouring government/ruling party companies.

8) Kagame would rather fantasize about the future than dealing with the present.

Himbara never cites a page or reference to his falsification. On page 26, the analysis starts with,

“59. Rwanda’s remarkable growth is almost unparalleled in SSA. It has made major strides in poverty reduction, driven mainly by its proactive and ambitious Government, which has invested in infrastructure and delivery of services to build human capital. Rwanda has built solid foundations that will facilitate achievement of poverty reduction and shared property.” (Rwanda Systematics Country Diagnostic, p26, 2019)

He is obviously betting that no one reads the reports he completely distorts. As the RNC propagandist, he forgets that he is tainted and lacks a shred of credibility.

David Himbara is paid to spin and pivot anything against Rwanda. He is heavily sponsored by Rujugiro and Museveni, something he cannot deny as almost $500 000 were traced in 2015. These were funds he received from Rujugiro to pay lobbyists in the US.

He further lacks any academic credibility, he is now a self-publishing author, unable to pass a peer review or find a reputable publisher. He pays to publish rather than write publishable material. The only difference between his writings and paid advertisements is that his client foolishly believes no one knows about their heavy sponsorship.

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