Museveni’s Rwandan Roots Revealed

Now I am beginning to understand why Museveni is incoherent, almost Bipolar.

virungapost.com just published these explosive revelations, a MUST READ.

Follow link below for the full story


By hating Rwanda Museveni wished to buy banished mother’s affection

” Museveni’s origins are shrouded in mystery. Many versions of where he was born and his true nationality are claimed. Those who know him view the vagueness around his origins as deliberately created. He one time said that he was born in Mbarara Hospital even as he claimed he does not know his exact date of birth. That was in Mbarara in April 1992. But later he changed and said it was Ntungamo! This feigned ignorance of his exact birth date is atypical of a man who otherwise boasts of having an incredible memory and ability to recall events that many people have forgotten. The clearest signal of Museveni’s origin comes from the stigma that Rwandese and Ugandans of Rwandese origin have been subjected to. “

  • Museveni presses Esteri to tell him his real father
  • What terrible memory could this be?
  • Esteri banished from Rwanda
  • Museveni’s school days and first job


“Yoweri Museveni alias Kayibanda est-il né à Butare?! D’un Mutwa?”

“Editions Sources du Nil  20 Juillet 2009 1 Biographies”“Biographie non autorisée de Yoweri Museveni”

Full story on Virungapost on link below:


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