The RNC Men Behind The Abduction of 40 Rwandans In Uganda

It has come to light that two RNC operatives by the names of Frank Ruhinda and “Pastor” Busigo are at the root of the arrest of 40 innocent Rwandans by Ugandan Chieftaincy Military Intelligence (CMI) together with Police forces.

The arrest happened this Tuesday 23rd when Kibuye ADEPR church members were invaded by CMI agents during prayers. 40 members were arrested and among them were women. This happened after Ruhinda and Busigo went to that particular church with the aim of recruiting the church members in RNC rebel group. This was rejected by every single member saying that they’re staunch Christians and are tired of wars, “We had enough of war in our lives.” They said.

This greatly angered Ruhinda and Busigo for they failed their mission and decided to report to CMI, their partner in crime. CMI immediately requested support from the police to arrest Kibuye ADEPR church members for refusing to join RNC. As usual, CMI and police forces alleged that the 40 Christians were Rwandan spies; a usual lame excuse from them for there has never been proof to this allegation.

RNC and CMI collaborate in abducting Rwandans in Uganda to be recruited as rebels/terrorists for two years now. Majority of Rwandans reject RNC’s proposals which mark the beginning of their suffering as they are subjected to inhuman torture and deportation with simple dumping at the border.

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