Treasonous Kayumba insulting Rwandans

Treasonous Kayumba Nyamwasa delves into personal attacks, and has the pretense write as if he knows more about others than they know about him. He forgets that he has been unmasked, and found to be a criminal psychopath.

“Kayumba Nyamwasa has always taken short cuts in his life”, this was a summary of someone close to the terrorist who enjoys nothing but to lure others to their certain death.

He bought his degree and preferred to spend his time drinking and sleeping around. He also had a gift for taking other people’s work for his credit, a habit he probably picked up from the extensive cheating during his plagiarized days at University.

With his inflated ego, he found a new way to harm, using social media either as ‘RPF Gakwerere’ or as Okumaazi on Twitter. Devoid of any purpose, he deliberately intoxicates and misleads to find someone to fight for him.

True to his shortcut habits, he declares a war on Rwanda and offers it as a reward to anyone who will fight his battle as he seats back in South Africa, very busy with his supermarket business. He literally expects others to die for his glory!

Tucked away in luxury, he intends to continue living in luxury, so unless his gang of grenade throwing maniacs are able to offer internet connection, Air Conditioning, 3 or 4 meals a day, a King size bed; they will never see him on the front.

Basically, Kayumba Nyamwasa doesn’t want to lift a finger but want anyone doing the heavy lifting to surrender their credit for the lifting.

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