Himbara Shares His Neo-Colonial Past

4 Years ago, Himbara showed his true colors on Facebook when he unleashed his neo-colonial narrative that Rwanda must blindly copy Western systems of democracy. Sponsored by Museveni and Rujugiro to smear Rwanda with a constant barrage lies on behalf of the RNC terrorist organization, David Himbara openly compared Iraq and Rwanda.

He claims both Rwanda and Iraq had similar scores referendums, too high to be true and concludes that the high electoral scores must be invalid. This narrative is almost always linked with a falsehood that only the oppressed vote 90% in the same direction. It is a neocolonial belief and historically wrong as high scores in crucial votes or referendums are common occurrences especially when matters of national sovereignty are expressed. High consensus on issues like independence, cessation and even presidential elections are common. In 2002, Jacque Chirac scored 82% against Jean Marie Le Pen, just 8 points shy of being called a Dictator!

Rwandans made the sovereign choice to change their constitution as violent groups advocating for forced regime change such as RNC, FDLR and MRCD openly called for a boycott of the referendum. At the time of the referendum, David Himbara was one of the most vocal propagandists calling for boycotts and sanctions. How does one call for a boycott and then complain about a high score at the same time?

Accidentally, by sharing his 4-year-old Facebook post, David Himbara reminds us that his neocolonial narratives that Rwandans need saving from oppression caused chaos in Iraq, in Libya and elsewhere. The chaos that Himbara and his RNC terrorist organization are trying to unleash on Rwanda will not succeed, divisive democracy has been replaced with consensual democracy. ‘Divide and Rule’ will not work.

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