Kayumba and Genocidaires Recruitement Pitch

Kayumba Nyamwasa via his Facebook page is cause hunting to lure more gullible minds to his slaughter house. Quoting a genocide denial lawyer, after his catastrophic defeat in East Congo, he is now using Diane Rwigara as bate.

Kayumba is reputed to be heartless and constantly looking for a tragedy to milk, death being his preferred one. You can expect Kayumba to milk any cause of death for political gains. With his newly found genocidal allies, he secured an article by a certain Kambanda lawyer to incite more to join his terrorist enterprise.

Nyamwasa’s stunt is probably a desperate way to replace his massive losses in Congo. Should both Kayumba and Kambanda chose to continue their dark entertainment of tragedies, they should publish something on their recent loses in East Congo. They should be honest about the faith that awaits their future recruits.

Writing about Diane Rwigara and stating that the ‘solution cannot be democratic or constitutional’ is pathetic. For an alliance that has just been the subject of a regional summit determined to root them out, they call to arms is nothing more than a desperate last act.

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