RNC’s publicist Himbara in panic mode over Rwanda – China relations

Rwandan dissident David Himbara who serves as Kayumba Nyamwasa’s terror group RNC publicist panics as Rwanda and China relations are deepened day by day as opposed to his bad wishes.

Himbara alleges President Kagame of buying military equipment from China; as usual he speaks out of ignorance and fictitious imaginations; one wonders what would be Himbara’s concern on where Rwanda buys its military logistics.

After a serious blow suffered by Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC ragtag army wing in Minembwe Himbara together with Kayumba and their allies have been roaming across the world spreading rumours that Rwandan army is killing Congolese Banyamalenge.

This is in line with their poor strategy of diverting people’s attentions at a critical moment when Rwandan families are on their necks to account for the lives of innocent young Rwandans killed by DRCongo’s army in Minembwe.

New developments are coming after President Tshisekedi’s directive to root out rebel groups operating within DRCongo forests in a move meant to pacify the great lakes region.

Himbara and co are facing an existential crisis.

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