Slave Catcher Himbara Unhappy With Liberation Day

David Himbara, a neocolonial slave catcher, paid by forces that are hell bent to subjugate Rwanda is very unhappy about the 25th celebration of liberation day.

He argues that Liberation Day was a sad affair because of there was ‘only forAfrican heads of state’ and a Chinese Military delegation, a big lie even for his lack of standards.

Here is a short list of dignitaries sighted

– The President of the Central African Republic

– The President of Zimbabwe

– The President of Sierra Leon

– The President of Togo

– The President of Namibia

– The President of Botswana

– The Vice President of Nigeria

– The Prime Minister of Tanzania

– The Deputy Prime Minister of Uganda

– A Special envoy from Kenya

– A Representative of the Kenyan Ruling Party

– The Kenyan Army Chief of Staff

– A Representative of the Ugandan Armed Forces

– A Representative of the Tanzanian Army

– ANC Secretary General

– OIF Secretary General

– Etc..

Fundamentally, Himbara also fails to understand what Liberation Day is about. The United States of America happens to celebrate Independence Day on the 4th of July, yet Himbara does not use foreign attendees as a measure of success or happiness to judge the America Independence day.

The RNC Propagandist, sponsored by Rujugiro and Museveni, whose colonial mentality is automatically set to seek external validation, cannot help it. He measures Liberation Day from external lenses.

Liberation Day is about Rwanda and Rwandans celebrating the end of enslavement, of the genocide against tutsis. It’s a Rwandan party to which some friends are invited not a party thrown for friends.

The Slave catcher Himbara is simply to foreign to grasp the concept.

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