Himbara’s Nightmare, ANC in Rwanda!

David Himbara who writes lies on demand for RNC, with the sponsorship of Museveni and Rujugiro, is writing lies about the 25th Liberation day ceremony of Rwanda. Targeting the Secretary General of ANC of South Africa , Himbara wants us to believe that the South African personality is the only foreign guest attending Liberation Day.

Himbara, the attack mouthpiece for hire, goes further and insinuates bad motive for the friendship ANC is extending to Rwanda on such an important event. As usual, Himbara is doing nothing but smear and slander as part of his RNC propaganda program.

The President of Botswana, Sierra Leon, Namibia, Togo, Zimbabwe, and many more are also in attendance in the event. This time, David Himbara’s lie is way too easy to debunk, a simple search online is more than enough to expose his fake news.

In reality, Himbara is worried that the change of guard in South Africa might bring to RNC the same problems that a change of guard in DR Congo brought. He is worried that RNC will be seen for what it really is, a terrorist organization that should not be welcomed anywhere. DRC Congo’s new leadership unleashed its army on RNC bases in East Congo, which gave a proper beating to RNC terrorists.

The ANC is very sensitive to Liberation struggles, their attendance comes to no surprise to many. Himbara’s attack is not surprise either, his proximity to apartheid white nationalist lawyers in South Africa makes this visit a nightmare for him. Africans joining hands is the last thing a slave catcher wants to see, David Himbara should brace himself for more nightmares after their catastrophic failure in East Congo.

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