CommandPost Eyalama, RPF Gakwerere, Softpower writing for CMI

CommamdPost, Eyalama, RPF Gakwerere and now, Softpower, all CMI (Chieftaincy for Military Intelligence) sponsored blogs writing about the exact same story on Rwanda and Congo. CMI sponsored RNC, FLN, FDLR, and others to pitch camp in DRC Congo as a base to attack Rwanda. A UN group of expert published a damning report detailing the terror network (link below), and the Congolese Army (FARDC) decided to rid itself of these negative forces. In a panic, CMI has ordered all its trolls to try and implicate Rwanda in the mess they created.

It is almost amusing to see these Uganda based outlets write so many articles about Rwanda and Congo when neither Rwanda nor Congo is doing so. The more they write about it the more readers will be curious about the reason for such much attention on affairs that theoretically doesn’t concern them. In reality, however, Uganda is implicated up to its neck in sponsoring and coordinating terror groups in Congo. A video of captured TerroristKayumba rebels being paraded by FARDC troops has gone viral. The public confession of Callixte Nsabimana, the FLN leader, directly implicated CMI.

As Ugandan Intelligence loses its war against FARDC, we can expect more sponsored wild stories in an effort to divert our attention from the dramatic end of their use of Congo as their backyard to orchestrate chaos in the region for their selfish interests.

Link to UN Expert report

Click to access Midterm%20report%20of%20the%20Group%20of%20Experts%20on%20the%20Democratic-31dec2018.pdf

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