Himbara Shows His True Colours

The RNC Propagandist, David Himbara, shows his true colors. Writing about the ongoing crackdown and mass arbitrary arrests in Uganda of Rwandans, he exposes his apathy to Rwandan suffering for the benefit of his sponsor Museveni.

He mocks victims and questions their pain when he deliberately targets President Kagame who is advocating for them for mentioning their plight. It is no longer a state secret that persecution is happening in Uganda, survivors are in their hundreds.

It is no longer a secret that the Ugandan Intelligence works with CMI to hunt and harm innocent Rwandans in Uganda. Again there are witnesses and survivors that can testify to it.

Himbara’s mockery of the serious, grave crimes committed on Rwandans illustrate who he works for in the crisis; he works for and defends the butchers and torturer of Rwandans in Uganda, CMI and Museveni.

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